Getting quality legal assistance for routine problems can seem like a long shot. Oftentimes, you’re forced to choose between spending thousands on legal retainer fees for reputable attorneys, or spending much less on an as-needed lawyer who sees you as just another case file. Where is the middle ground for people that need straightforward, high quality legal counsel on-demand?

PeytonBolin is happy to be the solution. We provide on-demand legal services help you solve a wide range of the most common real estate and property problems – the ones that often cause the most headaches and bottlenecks along the way. These services are especially helpful for those who don’t have an attorney to turn to for guidance or who need quick access to high-quality legal document preparation and review services they can trust. And the best part, our on-demand legal products are flat fees…

Localized. Specialized. Personalized.

All of our legal services are localized, specialized, and personalized. These solutions are primarily for any one involved in a real estate transaction, real estate agents, first time buyers, experienced investors, landlords and tenants, buyers, sellers, new investors, and house hackers.

Real estate solutions from PeytonBolin are created by Florida Bar Board Certified Real Estate attorneys. Board Certification recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skill and proficiency in real estate law. As of 2020, there are only 18 Florida Bar Certified Real Estate attorneys in Fort Lauderdale. Two of those attorneys are partners at PeytonBolin. You know you can trust what you’re getting with our legal offerings.

Important Tips

Some tips to keep in mind when browsing and ordering legal services from PeytonBolin

Double Check

If you choose the wrong item, don’t sweat it! We’ll review your order to make sure you receive the best product for your situation.

Product Delivery

Most legal services are provided within five business days unless you choose the expedited option.

Flat Fee

A flat fee means you are not required to pay a large retainer for services or expensive hourly rates.


Not sure what you’re looking for? Take advantage of our live chat feature, and we can help you understand your options instantly. We are always happy to point you in the right direction.

Want more than the legal products provided here? Being sued or need to sue? Our lawyers are trustworthy, experienced individuals who always work for your best interests.