Read this letter of engagement.


THIS MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT confirms the engagement of the PeytonBolin, PL (hereinafter designated as “Firm”), located at 3343 West Commercial Blvd. Suite 100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 to represent the client, (hereinafter designated as “Client”) subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Firm is responsible for the proper and diligent preparation and representation of Client’s legal matter. This engagement DOES NOT include any other matters other than those paid for by the flat fee.

  2. Firm will periodically send Client updates regarding their matter. These updates will be sent by EMAIL ONLY unless paid phone consultation was chosen.

  3. Client agrees to cooperate in the representation, including providing accurate documentation required to perform legal services. Client is responsible for providing appropriate documentation to the Firm when requested. If client fails to respond to Firm following numerous efforts at corresponding, resulting in Firm concluding that it has exhausted all reasonable efforts to contact Client, Firm may be forced to WITHDRAW ITS REPRESENTATION of Client in the retained matter.

  4. Client understands that by retaining our firm, you agree that we may send you periodic SMS alerts (text messages) to your provided phone number in order to notify you of updates in your matter. Please note, you may opt out of receiving SMS alerts at any time.

  5. As compensation for the Firm’s representation of Client in this matter, Client agrees to pay a flat fee. Said flat fee is due upon the execution of this agreement. All flat fees are considered earned when paid, the firm determines we can accept the legal matter, and are payable immediately into Firm’s operating account, provided: in the event this contract is terminated by Firm prior to its completion, a portion of the fee may be refunded to Client giving due regard for (1) the reason(s) for termination, (2) any time spent or work undertaken by Firm prior to termination, and (3) ethical obligations of Firm and its attorneys under the Florida Bar Rules of Professional Conduct.

  6. Should this contract be terminated by Client prior to the completion of legal work paid for by flat fee, for any reason whatsoever, the flat fee paid may be refundable under certain circumstances. The forfeiture of this fee represents the costs of initial case evaluation, opening a file, accounts receivable ledger, office time and maintaining a permanent file on Client.

  7. Any disputes to this agreement shall be resolved via arbitration.  All parties do hereby agree to submit to arbitration of any controversy concerning the legal fees and costs charged by PeytonBolin. The parties have thereby authorized a duly appointed sole arbitrator or arbitration panel of the Florida Bar to act as an arbitrator(s) and to proceed to hear any fee dispute pursuant to the Supreme Court Rule Regulating the Florida Bar – Chapter 14 (Fee Arbitration Rule), Rules of Procedure for a Fee Arbitration Proceeding and Chapter 682, Florida Statutes. The sole arbitrator and members of the arbitration panel shall be vested with all of the powers and shall assume all the duties granted and imposed upon arbitrators by Florida law.

  8. Client understands that Firm cannot guarantee any outcome or disposition in Client’s matter. No such promise or guarantee, either implicit or explicit, has been made as a part of this agreement.

  9. Client agrees that Firm may assign any attorney in the office to perform the legal work involved in the handling of Client’s matter.

  10. This engagement agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Firm and Client, and that there are no oral agreements or understandings between the Parties other than those contained herein. All amendments, additions or changes to this agreement shall be in writing and agreed to and signed by both Parties

THE ABOVE engagement agreements is hereby accepted upon the terms and conditions stated herein, and Client, having executed this agreement, whether verbally or digitally, acknowledges receipt of a copy of same.

I have read and agree with the terms of this contract above and indicate my acceptance by electronic signature on the payment page. By electronically signing, I authorized the signature to carry the same weight and legal effect as my written signature.

Our attorney/client relationship will only commence following your payment of our flat fee.