Florida Land Trust


A land trust agreement comes into play when you want to establish title to a property without disclosing ownership. The land trust will take legal ownership and control over the property on behalf of the owner(s).



When you own a property but don’t want to disclose ownership, a land trust will take over legal ownership and control on your behalf. Land trusts can help with succession planning, probate, and liability and privacy protection.

The trust agreement will name the trustee and beneficiaries of the land trust, but everything stays confidential in public records.

Expert attorneys are here to help you through the creation of a land trust. We craft an agreement based on your wishes, so your assets are protected.

What We Need:

  • Name of land trust
  • Name of trustee
  • Name of beneficiary
  • Property address

What You Get:

  • Land trust agreement via email


  • You request a land trust and send us your information
  • We send you the trust agreement within five working days of receipt of the request and the required information
  • Choose the express option if you need your document sooner

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