Florida LLC Creation & Operating Agreement


Forming a limited liability company (LLC) requires a few essential legal steps. PeytonBolin offers a Florida LLC Creation package, so you don’t have to do it alone.




Creating an LLC can give you important liability protections. You may want to form an LLC whenever you start a new business or buy property.

What’s involved? You’ll need to file incorporation documents with the state of Florida and have an operating agreement, which outlines the business owners and operational information. There are many moving parts to include that will impact day-to-day operations.

PeytonBolin can walk you through the process. We help you file the documents and create an operating agreement based on your business goals. Our services ensure you’re doing everything right the first time.

What We Need:

  • Name of the LLC
  • Principal address
  • Registered agent name and address
  • Member name and address
  • Manager name and address
  • Percentages of ownership

What You Get:

  • Articles of organization to file with the State of Florida
  • Operating agreement to establish the powers and rights of LLC members, delivered via email

How It Works:

  • Send all applicable information with your request to PeytonBolin
  • We deliver the product back to you within five working days of receipt of request and require information
  • The filing is accepted by the State of Florida Division of Corporations, which can take a few weeks
  • Choose the express fee option if you need your product faster

Learn more about how we help with LLC creation by reaching out to our team now.


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