Lady Bird Deeds for Florida Property



  • Property address
  • Grantor
  • Marital state of grantor
  • Remainder person’s name
  • Marital status of remainder person
  • Remainder Person’s Address
  • Is the property homestead of the grantor?
  • Yes
  • Is there a mortgage on the property?
  • Yes
  • And if so, what is the mortgage balance? Be advised that your mortgage company may require pre-approval or approval because this is a transfer of title. We suggest you contact your mortgage company before completing this order.
  • [Select Option]

Dealing with lady bird deeds can take up a lot of your time. Instead of trying to handle the matter yourself, why not work with the expert team of attorneys at PeytonBolin? We’ll get you the recorded lady bird deed within five days.



Lady bird deeds are used in estate planning. They allow the owner (or grantor) to pass down the property according to their wishes after their death. The deed’s designated beneficiary (or grantee) will automatically get the property, and the owner can change the beneficiary as they’d like. A major benefit is that the property is passed without going through probate after the grantor dies.

Even if the process sounds straightforward, legal issues can arise in these scenarios. Instead of figuring out the next steps on your own, work with the PeytonBolin attorneys for better results.

What We Need:

  • Property address
  • The balance of any mortgage on the property
  • Sales price, if any
  • Name, marital status, and address of the grantor and grantee

What You Get:

  • A recorded lady bird deed via email

How It Works:

  • Submit your request for a lady bird deed with the above information
  • You receive your deed within five working days of the request
  • Choose the express fee option if you need your ladybird deed sooner

Our team is committed to responding quickly to any inquiry. Reach out to the team with any questions about our ladybird deed services.


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