Real Estate Power of Attorney


A power of attorney is a document that legally grants another person the right to act on behalf of someone else. The original party is known as the principal, who may be out of the country, unable to sign documents on their own, or wishes to have someone else handle the real estate affairs.

Requester is the person who is giving the power of attorney to another person. The POA designee is the person designated to hold the power of attorney for the requester.

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Powers of attorney are effective ways to manage someone’s real estate affairs when they’re not able to. For instance, when someone is out of the country or can’t sign documents themselves, they may want to appoint a trusted person to sign documents for them.

These matters are more straightforward with the help of an attorney. A power of attorney needs to be held by someone you trust to act on your behalf according to your wishes.

We provide a simple power of attorney process. Order this service by giving us the names and addresses of both parties involved—the principal (or requester) and the power of attorney designee. We’ll ensure the principal has everything outlined the way they want it before moving forward.

Remember: failing to properly prepare a power of attorney could jeopardize a deal.

What We Need:

  • The names and addresses of both the principal and the designee

What You Get:

  • Power of attorney document via email, with signing instructions
  • We can coordinate signing remotely or in person at your office or house for an additional charge

How It Works:

  • You request the power of attorney document and give us applicable information
  • We send you the product within five working days of receipt
  • We offer an expedited option for a fee if you need the power of attorney document sooner

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