Private Lender Document Preparation for Closing


Are you loaning money to friends, family or investors so they can puchase real estate? Protect your investment by securing your interest with a private mortgage and promissory note. What happens if they don’t pay you back? With a private mortgage and promissory note you can take legal action. An attorney is important because if these documents are not properly prepared they may not be legally enforceable.



Some real estate transactions can only happen through loans from friends or family members. You can protect that investment with a private mortgage and promissory note when lending money for real estate.

If the other party doesn’t pay you back, these documents ensure you can take legal action. The unfortunate fact is that if private lender documents aren’t prepared properly, they may not be legally enforceable.

PeytonBolin is here to help you through document preparation for closing. We ensure your interests are protected when you lend someone money for real estate.

What We Need:

  • All loan terms:
  • Amount loaned
  • Lender fees
  • Interest rate.
  • Term
  • Lender contact details
  • Borrower contact details

What You Get:

  • A promissory note for repayment of a debt
  • Preparation of mortgage documents to secure your interest in the property

How It Works:

  • You request the documents from us with the above information
  • We deliver all private lender documents within five days of receipt
  • Select the expedited option for a fee, and we’ll respond sooner

Get started now by contacting PeytonBolin with any questions about private lender documents in Florida.


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