Florida Residential Lease Review


Before you sign your Florida residential lease, let our team of experienced lawyers take a look. Never sign an agreement without knowing what all the terms and obligations entail. You need to know what you’re liable for and what’s restricted by the property owner.




It’s common for tenants to sign a lease without knowing what’s in it. Anytime you can’t process legalese or are suspicious of terms, consider attorney review. You always want to know whether your best interests are really being represented. You never want to sign something when you don’t understand what you’re agreeing to.

We’re ready to review your residential lease. We’ll explain anything you don’t understand and break down complicated legal speak. We make sure you’re not liable for anything unreasonable and that everything is in your best interest before you sign.

With PeytonBolin, you’ll never worry about what you’re signing when renewing your tenancy or signing a lease for the first time.

What We Need:

  • A copy of the proposed lease

What You Get:

  • An email with the reviewed and redlined lease document

How It Works:

  • Request a lease review from PeytonBolin and send your agreement
  • You receive the marked-up document within five working days
  • Select the express fee option if you need it sooner

To learn more about how our process works, contact PeytonBolin now.


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