Seller Representation in Florida Real Estate Closing


Selling a home or property means you’re dealing with a lot of paperwork at closing. You also have to coordinate with the title company. Without an attorney behind you, they’ll charge a fee to prepare your documents.

That means you have to pay, and you’re not getting any legal representation. Instead, use that fee to pay for an attorney who can manage coordination and fight for your best interests.

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When you’re the seller, there are a lot of closing requirements you just can’t overlook. Having representation will ensure you never miss anything and put the deal at risk. We help you with document preparation, title company coordination, clearing the title, and signature coordination.

The expert attorneys at PeytonBolin don’t charge any upfront fee. We only charge if the contract closes.

These matters can be hard to manage on your own. Allow an attorney to be at the helm of the deal, so you know you’re taking the proper steps.

What We Need:

  • A copy of the fully executed sales contract

What You Get:

  • All required seller closing documents
  • Paperwork preparation
  • Title company coordination for a clear title
  • Signature coordination
  • Seller document execution in person at our Fort Lauderdale office
  • Execution can happen remotely or at another location for a fee


  • The sales contract will determine the time frame, but we’ll let you know as soon as we receive the document


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